Google Translate

Google translate is a great tool for non-english speakers

Have you considered whether your site’s content may be relevant to non-english speakers? If your site’s raison d’être is providing information, such as a blog, or is a personal or business profile, you may be missing out on some important traffic.

Statistics of internet use by language show that English speakers are a distinct minority at 26.8%.. How can you reach this vast audience without investing thousands on mirror sites in other languages?

Enter the amazing Google translate plugin. It’s not perfect and some of the translations may come across as plain bizarre, but it gives non-english speakers a better idea of whether your content is relevant to them.

Further it’s easy to install and it’s free. It’s as simple as registering your website with Google and then copying a bit of code into the head and then placing the translator script in your header, sidebar or wherever you want it.
Get the plugin >>

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