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WordPress Tips #1

How to embed a YouTube video in a WordPress Post or Page: this 3 step tutorial shows you how to add playable videos into your WordPress posts and pages.

STEP 1: Grab the code from YouTube.

While watching the YouTube video you want to embed in your post click on the SHARE button. A whole number of options will pop up but we’re only interested in 1.
embed youtube video wordpress step1a
Push the EMBED button and a further pop out will be displayed. A grey code window appears with a number of options below it. Sort through these (they are pretty self explanatory) and choose the size you want the video embed to be. The code will change depending on the options you choose.
embed youtube video in wordpress step1b
Once you are happy with your choices, making sure that the code snippet is highlighted, press Control C (or Command C for Mac users) on the keyboard.
embed youtube video in wordpress step1c

STEP 2: Embed the code in your blog/page

In your EDIT window in your blog’s back end, click on the HTML tag on the right side of the text input.
embed youtube video wordpress step2a
If you know nothing about the code that changes the appearance of your page, this is a great place to get an idea of how HTML mark up and other scripts look. It’s also where you can really cause some ugly changes to the look of your copy, so resist changes, unless you really know what you are changing and why.

Find the place in the text where you want to insert your embedded video and click Control V (Command V for Mac users)
embed youtube video wordpress step2b

STEP 3: Save/Update and preview

embed youtube video in wordpress step3

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